• Information booth
  • Headquarters location
  • Event times
  • Event fees
  • Event Phone Numbers and Contacts
  • Kids Zone
  • Kent Lions Legal Stuff

Information Booth
The Kent Lions Club Kent Cornucopia Days “Information Booth” is located on the corner of 2nd & Meeker. Stop here for any questions, directions, or help. You may also pick up a free Event Guide to the Kent Cornucopia Days. This booth is also known as “Mary’s Booth” honoring volunteer Mary Atwood many years of running this service. Stop here also for help, lost & found, first aid, police & fire contact, event communications, public service announcements, childcare station.

The Kent Cornucopia Days “Festival Headquarters” is in Kent-Kherson Park at the corner of 2nd & Gowe.

Additional police & fire contacts are located at the southwest corner of Railroad & Meeker, along with the police department on the corner of 4th & Gowe.

The Kent Cornucopia Dragon Boat Race headquarters are in Lake Meridian Park, and the Soccer “Cornucopia Cup” headquarters are at Pea Patch Fields, Green River Road & South 256th.

General Hours of Kent Cornucopia Days:

10:00 am – 8:00 pm for the overall Festival & Street Fair

10:00 am – 8:00 pm for the overall Festival & Street Fair

8:30 am – 6:00 pm for the Kent Cornucopia Days Dragon Boat Races

10:00 am – 5:00 pm for the overall Festival & Street Fair

1:00 pm for the Kent Cornucopia Grand Parade

Admission Cost

  • “No Admission Cost” to Kent Cornucopia Days – It’s FREE!
  • Entertainment – all entertainment is FREE!
  • Showare Center is not associated with Kent Cornucopia Days and is ticket only.
  • Street Fair – Some items are free, however most food & booth vendors are “For Profit”.
  • Team must be registered and pay their registration fees for the Dragon Boat Races.
  • Registration fees are paid to the Kent Youth Soccer Association for the “Cornucopia Cup” soccer tournament.
  • Registration fees are paid to the Kent Parks an Recreation Department at the Kent Cornucopia Days 5k Fun Run and Walk.

Event Phone Numbers & email
Kent Cornucopia Days Main # – 253-852-LION (5466)
Kent Cornucopia Days Fax – 253-852-6263

  • Kent Cornucopia Days Director email: KCDaysDirector@gmail.com
  • Kent Cornucopia Days Street Fair Director email: kcd.streetfair@gmail.com
  • Kent Cornucopia Days Food Court Director email: kcdfood@gmail.com
  • Kent Cornucopia Days Parade Director email: kcd.parade@gmail.com
  • Kent Cornucopia Days Dragon Boat Race Director email: kcdbrDirector@gmail.com

Kid’s Zone – located at Town Square Plaza with free activities for kids.

Kent Lions Legal Stuff
The Kent Lions Club (and its event committee, the Kent Cornucopia Days) is an all volunteer, dues paying, organization with no paid staff, no office or owned building. All money made through Kent Cornucopia Days goes back into the community in the form of grants, scholarships, community events, aid, and services or projects.

The Kent Lions Club was formed as a community service organization on November 2nd, 1938.

The Kent Lions Club is incorporated in the State of Washington as a Non-Profit Corporation, since 1983.

The Kent Lions Foundations was formed and incorporated in the State of Washington, since 1996.
The Kent Lions Club has a State Master Business License and UBI number.
The Kent Lions Club is a 501 c(4), the Foundation is a 501 c(3) for federal tax and filing purposes.
The Kent Lions Club files for and maintains all appropriate King county and City of Kent permits.
The Kent Lions Club is the governing and prime sponsor of the Kent Cornucopia Days and all of its affiliations. The Kent Cornucopia Days is a committee of the Kent Lions Club and is governed by the Kent  Lions Club Board of Directors. The Kent Cornucopia Days is treated as a project of the Kent Lions Club. The Kent Lions Club does allow and encourages non-member (non-voting) volunteers to serve on this committee.
The Kent Cornucopia Days is a wholly owned project of the Kent Lions Club with all rights reserved to it.
The Kent Lions Club has permits with the City of Kent for use and control of all public areas used by the Kent Cornucopia Days including a two (2)-block area beyond its visible and actual usage areas.

Kent Lions Club & Kent Lions Foundation
PO Box 5094
Kent, WA 98064

The Kent Lions Club and the Kent Cornucopia Days assume no liability or responsibility for any action, occurrence, or event that occurs at or during the Kent Cornucopia Days to any person, business, or property. All persons arriving, parking, viewing, working, or participating in the Kent Cornucopia Days will assume sole responsibility for any action that occurred by or to them and will hold the Kent Lions Club and the Kent Cornucopia Days harmless. The Kent Lions Club is not responsible for any damage, theft, loss of personal property, fire, injury (mentally or physically), or any other causes that may occur while said persons are attending, or affected by, the Kent Cornucopia Days or any other Kent Lions Club activity. The Kent Lions Club also reserves that right to refuse services to, or allow participation by, any person or organization in any activity of the Kent Lions Club.